Emergency Alerts

The city has a public alert system that allows staff to contact residents in case of emergency situations affecting specific properties. This might include water shutoffs due to watermain breaks, sewer issues, road closures, recycling delays and similar issues. 

In order to make sure that resident information is up to date, each resident is encouraged to add up-to-date information in the public alert database. Each person at the residence should enter the subscription separately. Notifications are issued by voicemail for landlines, text, and email. For "billing number" enter any four or five-digit number if you do not have your utility account number.

public alert

You can also sign up for other city email alerts online. These include a variety of specific email news items you might be interested in. View the list and sign up or cancel anytime you want. If you have questions, please contact the city at 952.960.7900.

The information provided for Public Alert will not be used for any other purpose.