Strawberry Lane, Strawberry Court and Peach Circle

This project is scheduled for 2023. 
Frequently Asked Questions 

February 28, 2022, City Council meeting

As directed by the City Council at their February 14 meeting, additional information about easements will be brought back to the council.  As with the meeting on February 14, with all the public testimony and information submitted for the project, this will be a city council discussion with no additional public testimony taken.

Engineers memo 2/28/22

February 14, 2022, City Council meeting

Council memo
Proposed map

At the February 14 meeting, the City Council requested that staff come back to the February 28 meeting with a revised Resolution that reflects the 26’ roadway width and the six-foot trail on the backside of the curb.  Additionally, the council directed staff to reach out again to the property owners on the west side of Strawberry, south of the trail, to determine the level of interest in the city’s proposal to acquire additional easements that would allow the west edge of the road to remain where it is presently.

November 10, 2021, public information open house

Video of presentation
PDF copy of PowerPoint presentation

Information packet (includes proposed options for Strawberry Lane)
Strawberry Court (proposed layout)
Peach Circle (proposed layout)
Open house mailer

Council meeting July 26, 2021
The Strawberry Lane alignment, width and trail location were discussed at the July 26 council meeting. You can view the discussion online. 

Neighborhood Meeting June 22, 2021

Meeting recording 06/22/2021
Strawberry Lane trail/street comparisons
Strawberry Lane presentation slides
Strawberry Lane open house slides

Letter  6/7/2021

Strawberry Lane
Feasibility study
Feasibility study slideshow presentation (4/26/21)

Public meeting March 11, 2021
The city engineer shared a short video and answered questions about the proposed project. 

View the meeting

Smithtown Ponds FAQs

The Smithtown Ponds project is scheduled for 2021-2022.
The reconstruction of Strawberry Lane is scheduled for 2023. 

Project contact:
Andrew Budde, City Engineer, 952.960.7900
City Council contacts