Western Stormwater project

Beginning in 2018, the city council directed that a comprehensive storm water study be completed for the western part of Shorewood. This was due to an increased number of stormwater complaints, conditions observed in the field and a desire to coordinate stormwater improvements into the infrastructure Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).  The city hired Barr Engineering to complete the study. The report, presented to council in January 2020,  is a 10-year infrastructure CIP. 

The project area includes the western portion of the City of Shorewood from Highway 7 on the south, Edgewood Road to the north, Howards Point Road to the west, and Seamans Drive to the east. The links below contain information related to the study.  You are welcome to contact staff with your questions or comments by sending an email to: cityengineer@shorewood.mn.us.

Draft stormwater management plan
Slide presentation to council 02/24/2020

Meeting broadcasts:

1/27/2020 work session (begin at 1:11:00)

2/24/2020 work session (begins at 55:30)