The three utility funds (water, stormwater, sanitary sewer), as well as the recycling fund, are considered enterprise funds.  This means that those functions operate as businesses and the rates that each of the funds' charges are expected to cover the expenses.  It is important to note that property taxes are not used to support the activities of the enterprise funds.  Those activities include operations, capital expenditures, and debt service (if any.)

  • If you have questions concerning your utility bills or for commercial rates, contact Michelle Nguyen, 952.960.7904.
  • If you have questions concerning your water service, water meters, stormwater, or your sanitary sewer service, call Public Works at 952.960.7914.

Online Utility Bill Payment

utilitiy bill paymentThe City of Shorewood now offers online utility bill payment services by credit card. There is no added fee to charge your utility bill payment. To set up your account, have your bill and account number available and click on the utility bill payment button. Follow the instructions. If you have questions, please contact Finance at 952.960.7904.

Billing Dates

Residents are billed quarterly the first week of January, April, July and October for utilities. Bills are due by the end of the billing month. Residents may mail payments to city hall, use the 24-hour drop-box at city hall, drop the payment off in person, sign up for autoPay, pay online.

Franchise Fees

The City of Shorewood negotiated with CenterPoint Energy in 2017, and Xcel Energy in 2018 to establish franchise fees. They will appear as a line item on your bill as “City Franchise fee”. The fee is $4 per month for each utility for those with single-family type meters. The City Council has committed that these funds be dedicated for street improvement projects and stormwater improvement projects.

Billing rates