Underground Utilities

Gopher State One-Call

Prior to landscaping, planting trees, installing a fence, building a deck or home addition, or anything that involves excavation more than six inches deep, state law requires you to call Gopher State One-Call (GSOC) to locate underground utilities 48 hours before you plan to dig.

How it works:

Call GSOC at 651.454.0002 two business days before digging (not including weekends, holidays, or emergencies). Office hours are 7am–5pm, Monday through Friday.

Gopher State One-Call is a free service provided by Minnesota’s underground utility operators.

If your yard has been marked

If your yard has been marked with paint or small flags, this means that someone is planning to perform work in the area, and has called Gopher State One Call system for a utility locate. The white markings represent the proposed excavation area. The other color markings and flags represent underground utilities that are located in and near the proposed excavation area. Often the flags identify the parties who are doing the work. You may wish to contact them to determine what activities are planned.