Traditional Recycling

Shorewood contracts with Republic Services for residential recycling. Each single-family home up to four-plex in Shorewood is covered under the service contract. The collection is every other week and each property is provided with 65 or 90-gallon recycling carts depending on preference. More than one cart can be provided upon request. Properties are charged $14 per quarter for the service and it is billed on the quarterly utility bill.

Collection Schedule
Please have recycling carts curbside on recycling day no later than 7 a.m. Recycling is collected every other week on Wednesday (for mainland) and Thursday (for islands). If your c
ollection day falls on or after a holiday, it will be delayed one day throughout the week. Do not assume collection will be the same time each week. Report a missed pickup to the city at 952.960.7900 before 12 p.m. the following day. To receive reminders, alerts, and tips via email, join our mailing list.

2024 Calendar

Report misses, get a larger cart and other questions

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What Can I Recycle?
See the Recycling Tips page for information on what can be recycled, as well as how to dispose of hard-to-recycle materials. Shorewood contracts with Republic Services for residential recycling. 

What Happens to my Recycling?
Recycling helps conserve natural resources and protects our environment by creating a circle called the recycling loop. It begins with collecting materials that can be recycled and turning them into new products. In Minnesota, at least 85% of the material sent to a recycling center will be sorted, baled, and sent to a recycling market. Watch the video below to see what happens to the materials that you place in your recycling container. 

Organics Recycling
See the Organics page for information about organics recycling.