Hydrant Maintenance & Flushing


Residents with fire hydrants on their property must maintain a 3 foot diameter around the fire hydrant. This includes any landscaping. Many hydrants have bushes or large rocks around them to help them blend into the landscape. This is a hazard in case of fire, and makes it difficult for hydrant maintenance. Please remove this landscaping around hydrants.


City water mains are flushed semi-annually in the spring and the fall. Flushing is done to remove mineral deposits that have accumulated in the water pipes. Upon request, some areas are flushed more frequently to maintain fresh, clear water. Call us at 952.960.7900 with any questions.

Households may experience rusty water, discoloration or other problems during flushing. City crews take precautions to limit problems; however, if you do experience rusty water, running the cold-water tap will clean out your system. Call the Utility Division at 952.960.7900 if you have a problem related to flushing that does not clear up within 48 hours.