Connect to City Water

Please follow the steps below if you are considering connecting to the municipal water supply. 

Step 1: Contact Shorewood Public Works to find out if municipal water is available in your home
Call or email Andy Eslinger, Streets Inspector, at 952.960.7916 or

 Step 2: If water is available, pay the Access Charge OR enter into an Assessment Agreement.
The connection fee, or water access charge, is $10,000 for single family homes. This is the 2023 fee and is subject to change. The water access charge for multi-family and commercial properties is different. This fee is subject to change.  You may either pay the access charge upfront or enter into an assessment agreement. The city will allow the water access charge cost to be assessed to your property taxes over 5 years at 5% interest annual rate.

  • To pay the access charge upfront, please contact City Hall at 952-960-7900 or stop by during business hours.
  • To have the access charge assessed to your property taxes, please contact the City Administrator at 952.960.7905 or You will enter into an assessment agreement with the City which will be approved by the City Council and recorded with your property. Fees may apply to cover the cost of title review and recording.

Please note, some properties have previously paid an access charge. To see if your property is covered under a previous assessment agreement or payment or to get cost information, contact the city at 952.960.7900.

Step 3: Contact a plumbing contractor to complete your connection.
Find a plumbing contractor to make the connection from the water main stub in the right-of-way to your home or business. You may want to obtain quotes from several contractors. The plumbing contractor will obtain the appropriate permits and the appropriately sized meter from the City.  These costs will likely be passed on to you by your contractor or included in your quote.  

Step 4: Schedule final inspections & confirm billing details.
You or your contractor must contact City Hall to arrange the necessary inspections. City of Shorewood staff will arrange internal inspections with our Building Inspector and curbside inspections with Public Works staff. You should also confirm billing details and set up auto-payment if you wish.