The City of Shorewood has approximately 25 miles of watermain providing distribution throughout the city  to 1,473 connections and 435 hydrants. Shorewood Public Works Department operates and maintains the city’s seven water wells, two storage reservoirs, the water distribution system and the sanitary sewer collection system. Staff is also responsible for the water meter reading and repair program.

Connect to City Water

If water is available on your property, you may pay the connection fee or get an assessment. The connection fee is $10,000 for single-family homes. Multi-family and commercial property fees are different. Learn more about connecting to the municipal water supply

Drinking Water Reports
Consumer Confidence Reports are published to make consumers aware of the quality of the drinking water in their home. If your home has well water, you are responsible for your own water testing. Shorewood Consumer Confidence Reports are available here.

Watering Restrictions
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has moved Shorewood and the Mississippi Headwater watershed into a drought warning response phase due to prolonged dry weather. The drought is having a negative effect on ground water supplies and lake and stream levels. 

The City of Shorewood has expanded the regular water conservation measures to the following:  

  • Residents are allowed to irrigate on odd or even days. Even address can only water on even-numbered days, odd addresses can only water on odd-numbered days. 
  • Residents are allowed to irrigate before 10:00 am and after 5:00 pm.

Water Efficiency Rebates
Shorewood residents who install specified water-efficient devices may be eligible for a rebate(s). Rebate funds are limited and processed in the order they are received until all funds are spent. Learn more